In a Different World With the Naruto System

In Different World With Naruto System

In a Different World with the Naruto System

Author: 鱼丸酱醋米 (fish ball, vinegar sauce and rice)


At Divine Wind Continent, there is cultivation system—battle qi and magic.

Ren Tian You was a fan of Naruto, single carelessness caused him to arrive in different world.

Unexpectedly only to discover within his body possessed Naruto system.

What? You will use battle qi! I, your father’s taijutsu is also not weak! Look at my shadow dance!

What? You will use illusions! I, your father however have every illusions’ ancestor, Sharingan! Look at my Tsukuyomi!

What? You are a magician! I, your father am a ninja! Look at my fire style——– grand fireball!


Power level:

For warriors (battle qi): Trainee Fghter, Junior Fighter, Intermediate Fighter, Senior Fighter, Swordsman, Great Swordsman, Swordmaster, Great Swordmaster, Sword Saint and Sword God.

For magicians: Trainee Mage, Junior Mage, Intermediate Mage, Senior Mage, Magic Scholar, Great Magic Scholar, Magic Master, Great Magic Master, Law Saint and Law God.

For illusionists: Trainee Illusionist, Junior Illusionist, Intermediate Illusionist, Senior Illusionist, Illusion Scholar, Great Illusion Scholar, Illusion Master, Great Illusion Master, Illusion Saint and Illusion God.


Table of Content

Chapter 01: Rebirth in different world

Chapter 02: Naruto System

Chapter 03: Chakra attribute

Chapter 04: Practicing Seal Forming

Chapter 05: Katon—Endan [Fire Style: Flame Bullet!]

Chapter 06.1: Actual combat

Chapter 06.2: Actual combat

Chapter 07.1: 2 Years after the battle

Chapter 07.2: 2 Years after the battle

Chapter 08: Doton—Uitenpen! (Earth Style—Impermanence!)

Chapter 09: Awakening Mangekyo Sharingan

Chapter 10: Leaving Magical Beasts Forest.

Chapter 11: Break out of person with a poor sense of direction

Chapter 12: Protection

Chapter 13: Steel monster—Eiffel Capital

Chapter 14: Top 10 famous wines

Chapter 15: Duel

Chapter 16: Doujutsu—Tsukuyomi

Chapter 17: Explain

Chapter 18: Kuchiyose—Sanju Rashomon! [Summoning Jutsu—Triple Rashomon!]

Chapter 19: Space Transmission

Chapter 20: 7 star broken bone blood lineage

Chapter 21: Quicksand shower

Chapter 22: Nature of Expert

Chapter 23: Space-Time Ninjutsu

Chapter 24: Lightning nature change (second degree)

Chapter 25: To eat one’s own fruit (T.L: idiom – suffering the consequences of one’s own action)

Chapter 26: Entering inside Supreme light Academy

Chapter 27: Konoha Ryujin (Leaf Dragon God)

Chapter 28: Divine Imperial Earth armor

Chapter 29: Hachimon tonkou (The Eight Inner Gates)

Chapter 30: Selling Magical beasts’ core.

Chapter 31: Genjutsu Shibari (Paralysis Genjutsu)

Chapter 32: Mysterious youngster

Chapter 33: Babel Tower

Chapter 34: no title

Chapter 35: Return to the room of dormitory through the window

Chapter 36: First lesson at different world

Chapter 37: Sage mode

Chapter 38: Sishen clan (Death clan)

Chapter 39: Undead battle qi

Chapter 40: The waves of the world

Chapter 41: Cultivation room ranking competition

Chapter 42: Taijutsu training

Chapter 43: Illusion magic formation

Chapter 44: Combat skills

Chapter 45: Blood lineage secret ability

Chapter 46: Result of convenient lie

Chapter 47: Library

Chapter 48: 6 major super powers

Chapter 49: 5 major dangerous spot

Chapter 50: Confirmed name lists for competition

Chapter 51:  Competition Start

Chapter 52: Ranking Competition (part 1)

Chapter 53: Ranking Competition (part 2)

Chapter 54: Ranking Competition (part 3)

Chapter 55: Ranking Competition (part 4: Brilliant exploding flame destroyer formula!!)

Chapter 56: Ranking Competition (part 5: Battle between 2 dragons)

Chapter 57: Ranking Competition (part 6)

Chapter 58: Ranking Competition (part 7: Illusion country)

Chapter 59: Ranking Competition (part 8)

Chapter 60: Ranking Competition (part 9)

Chapter 61: Ranking Competition (part 10: 7 formula of thunderbolt)

Chapter 62: Mission system triggered

Chapter 63: Quarter-finals matches (Part 1)

Chapter 64: Quarter-finals matches (Part 2: Soft water light saber attack)

Chapter 65: Quarter-finals matches (Part 3)

Chapter 66: Quarter-finals matches (Part 4)

Chapter 67: Quarter-finals matches (Part 5)

Chapter 68: Quarter-finals matches (Part 6)

Chapter 69: Quarter-finals matches (Part 7)

Chapter 70: Semi-finals (Part 1)

Chapter 71: Semi-finals (Part 2: Phoenix god blood lineage)

Chapter 72: Semi-finals (Part 3: Explosion)

Chapter 73: Semi-finals (Part 4: Asakujaku (Morning Peacock))

Chapter 74: Semi-finals (Part 5)

Chapter 75: Semi-finals (Part 6)

Chapter 76: Semi-finals (Part 7)

Chapter 77: Semi-finals (Part 8)

Chapter 78: Semi-finals (Part 9: 6 transmigration change)

Chapter 79: Finals (Part 1)

Chapter 80: Finals (Part 2: Battle between a tiger and a dragon)

Chapter 81: Finals (Part 3)

Chapter 82: Finals (Part 4: Raiga Bomu (Liger Bomb))

Chapter 83: Finals (Part 5)

Chapter 84: Finals (End)

Chapter 85: Auction Start

Chapter 86: Cruel Smile

Chapter 87: Different Lan XinMeng

Chapter 88: Divinity crystal

Chapter 89: Fierce bidding war

Chapter 90: The curtain falls———Operation start

Chapter 91: Night Raid

Chapter 92: Secret hand———- Kibaku Fuda (Paper bomb)

Chapter 93: Freeze over thousand li

Chapter 94: Doujutsu——-Amaterasu!

Chapter 95: Combination ninjutsu

Chapter 96: Gyaku Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Reverse Summoning Jutsu)

Chapter 97: Susanoo

Chapter 98: 4 big forbidden magic spells

Chapter 99: Wall of sigh

Chapter 100: Battle end

Chapter 101: System upgrade——-Mission system added

Chapter 102: Second Mangekyo

Chapter 103: Ichibi Shukaku

Chapter 104: Preparation for promotion assignment

Chapter 105: Purple gauze sky magnificent flower

Chapter 106: Prototype Akatsuki group

Chapter 107: Right eye’s Kamui

Chapter 108: Successfully joined

Chapter 109: Attack of ocean magical beasts (2-in-1)

Chapter 110: Joining the fight

Chapter 111: Preparing forbidden magic spell

Chapter 112: Raiton—Kaminari Shibari (Lightning Style—Lightning Bind)

Chapter 113: God Weeping Region

Chapter 114: Going separate ways

Chapter 115: Extremely poisonous

Chapter 116: In the process of nurturing a new eye

Chapter 117: Resentment power

Chapter 118: Sabaku Sotaiso Fuin (Grand Sand Mausoleum Seal)

Chapter 119: Group brawl? That is just a joke

Chapter 120: Beast of Resentment

Chapter 121: Raiton——-Kirin

Chapter 122: Flee

Chapter 123: Demon clan

Chapter 124: Shikotsumyaku (Macabre Bone Pulse)

Chapter 125: Heaven ranked warrior skill

Chapter 126: Murder

Chapter 127: Disagree? Then I’ll beat until you agree

Chapter 128: Sword

Chapter 129: Weakness of Kamui

Chapter 130: Fall into disadvantageous position

Chapter 131: Bakufu Ranbu (Bomb Blast Dance)

Chapter 132: Hirudora (Afternoon Tiger)

Chapter 133: White Tiger of Akatsuki

Chapter 134: God’s domain 

Chapter 135: 

Chapter 136: Thunder from a clear sky

Chapter 137: Memory in the depth of one’s soul

Chapter 138: 10 days later, Akatsuki organization will arrive at Ximen clan 

Chapter 139: Go to Babel Tower

Chapter 140: Tower of Babel 

Chapter 141: Surrounded (2 in 1)

Chapter 142: Big move

Chapter 143: Powerful barrier

Chapter 144: Surprised

Chapter 145: Jade Maiden of Akatsuki

Chapter 146: Clearance

Chapter 147: 2nd floor

Chapter 148: Demon Clan appears

Chapter 149: Diversion

Chapter 150: Futon——Rasenshuriken (Wind Style—-Rasen Shuriken)

Chapter 151: 

Chapter 152: 

Chapter 153: 

Chapter 154: 

Chapter 155: 

Chapter 156: 

Chapter 157: 

Chapter 158: 

Chapter 159: 

Chapter 160: 

Chapter 161: 


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