In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 06.2

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 06.2: Actual Combat

After learning how to climb the tree, next was practicing walking on the surface of water. Although he already had enough bitter taste of suffering for the day, he started to practice walking on the surface of the water.

Although he had already learned how to climb trees, when he walk on the surface of water for the first time, he could walk few steps and after that he immediately sank in the water. On the surface of water, ‘gudong gutong’ bubbles started to form. Fortunately, on the earth he was from ‘Hangzhou’, it doesn’t matter when but he had ran to the lake to take bath many times, thus he had acquired swimming skill.

But even so, when he sank in the water he still drank a few gulps of water. After he came out of water, he was dripping wet just like a drowning grand duck ‘chicken’.

After falling into the water for more than dozen times, he started to discover the secrets. Walking on the surface of water was not like climbing on the tree where you only need to control the amount of chakra in a straight line. To walk on the surface of water, he had to change the chakra on the sole of his feet along with the change in wave of water, or he will drown.

After discovering this secret, he practiced walking on the surface of water. Merely after less than half a day, he could already walk on the surface of water like he was walking on the earth.

After learning both ‘climbing up the tree’ and ‘walking on the surface of water’, he was both mentally and physically exhausted. Not only he got injured, his was completely wet, this made him really embarrassed. After a big meal, without even practicing hand seal, he laid down inside the hole he had created on the tree and slept deeply.

After learning how to climb up the tree and walking on the surface of water, compared to before his chakra control was quite good while practicing ninjutsu.

Just like this, his strength rapidly improved, along with his strength increase, he could kill higher level magical beasts and he had saved 1000 system points which was enough to upgrade his Sharingan to 2 tomoe level. This 2 tomoe level Sharingan not only increase his first ability (enhance observation skill), but also gave him additional copy function, this ability could copy any ninjutsu and taijutsu which he had seen with his own eyes, with the exception of bloodline limit ninjutsu and secret art.

Again 2 months later, his chakra level was already nearing intermediate ninja (chunin) level, and similarly his ninjutsu and taijutsu was also at the level of intermediate ninja. So he had went inside the Magical Beast Forest to look for a magical beast to fight against it and earn combat experience as well as to know the limit of his strength too. And while doing so he could also earn system points.

After he had exchanged 1000 system points for 2 tomoe Sharingan, he found out that it required 3000 system points to upgrade to 3 tomoe Sharingan. But he still didn’t know how much system points were required to awaken Mangekyo sharingan. So in order to upgrade his Sharingan up to Mangekyo sharingan, he had no other choice but to work hard to accumulate as many system points as possible.


His first target to fight was this Wind Wolf King. After he having learnt the speed of this Wind Wolf King with his Sharingan, he no longer feared this wolf. He only needed to be careful of its magic attack and that would be enough.


He! Katon: Endan! [Fire style—Flame Bullet]” He formed the required hand seals and spat out a huge fireball which advanced towards the Wind Wolf King.

The Wind Wolf King look at that fireball with disdain, and released a huge hurricane from its mouth which advance towards the incoming fireball. After blowing away the fireball, this hurricane also dispersed.

Humph!” Seeing his fireball blown away, he was not the least bit discouraged. Taking advantage of the time when the Wind Wolf King was releasing magic, in a flash he arrived at the side of Wind Wolf King.

Konoha Senpu! [Leaf Whirlwind!]” He quickly lowered his body and swept the legs of the Wind Wolf King with his right leg. Suddenly the Wind Wolf King was knocked to the ground by his kick.

Konoha Daisenpu! [Leaf Great Whirlwind!]” He followed his first kick with another kick towards its head which lifted it into the air.

Boom!” Because of  Ren Tian You’s sudden kick, the Wind Wolf King flew into the air, hit a big tree and fell. Its mouth howled a sad call.

The Wind Wolf King stood up unsteadily and scanned for Ren Tian You to take revenge but couldn’t find a trace of him. At that time, suddenly it heard the voice of Ren Tian You in its ear.

“Looking for me? Beast.” Suddenly his figure appeared in front of the Wind Wolf King and it released a completely terrified howl. Shortly afterwards, both of his hands landed on the ground and his right leg directly kicked the lower jaw of the Wind Wolf King and it again flew into the air.

Kage Buyo! [Dancing Leaf Shadow!]”

After he kicked it into the air, instantly he also jumped and appeared behind the Wind Wolf King. Then in the air while making a big arc, he heavily kicked the Wild Wolf King on its belly.

Shishi Rendan! [Lions Barrage!]”

As he spoke, the Wind Wolf King hit the ground heavily, causing huge smoke and dust to rise.

After that, he steadily landed on the ground, but didn’t step forward because he didn’t believe that it was this easy to defeat Wind Wolf King. After all it was a  class 4 magical beast. Compared to the same ranked human swordsman, it was quite difficult to deal.

Sure enough, before long, the wolf’s shrill ululation resounded from the midst of the smoke and dust, and a huge fluctuation of wind magic could be sensed.

All the smoke and dust was blown away, and Ren Tian You clearly saw what was going on. He caught the sight of the Wind Wolf King’s half squatting body, condensed in front of its mouth a powerful fluctuation of wind attribute magic. Its eyes were filled with resentment.

He he, this is it. I cultivated hard for 3 months, and you are the one I have selected carefully to test my strength on. Do not let me down.” Even after seeing Wind Wolf King’s action, he was not afraid and worried about anything. His pair of of Sharingan eyes sparked with his powerful fighting spirit. After cultivating for 3 months, now he was only thinking of having a good fight.

“Dance of the Wind Blade!”

Only the sight of a huge tornado advancing towards him could be seen. Inside this tornado, there were many wind blades flying around. After casting this magic, the Wind Wolf King suddenly became a bit fatigued.

“Is this the Dance of the Wind Blade magic? It is somewhat similar to the jutsu of Sand ninja Temari.” By looking at that magic attack, he remembered a similar jutsu but this was not that time for contemplation so he quickly formed a series of hand seals.

Doton—Taju Doryuheki! [Earth style—Multi Mud Wall!]” After completing the series of hand seals, suddenly 3 large earth walls appeared in front of him. He was worried that a single wall couldn’t withstand the attack so he summoned multiple. Because of his limited strength, he could only produce 3 earthen walls.


ED: How does he suddenly have another attribute?

Hong hong!” With a loud explosion, the magic of Wind Wolf King hit the Ren Tian You’s earth walls. The first wall was instantly destroyed, followed by the second, but the magic dissipated before the third wall.

At that moment the Wind Wolf King was stunned; it didn’t expect that after using its innate magic, the enemy before it would still be alive. In a flash it tried to retreat but it was already too late.

Suna Shigure! [Sand Shower!]”

He raised his right hand towards the sky, and all of a sudden, large amounts of sand appeared above the Wind Wolf King.

“Now I’ll send you to death. Sabaku Kyu! [Sand Coffin!]” His eyes flashed with coldness. And along with his right hand’s moment, suddenly innumerable sand pieces tightly enclosed Wind Wolf King down to its paws. “Ao wu!” It suddenly released a frightened howl and started to struggle but found itself surrounded by the sand and unable to move.

“Goodbye, Sabaku Soso! [Sand Burial!] Immediately, he tightly clutched his hand. This caused the sand surrounding Wind Wolf King to tightly shrink at once. At the same time, the wolf released a sad and shrill howl. That would be enough to make minced meat and blood started to drip from the sand………

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